McDaniel College Budapest 

Péter Bokody
Areas of interest: Visual Studies, Art History, Medieval Art, Ethics and Aesthetics, Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, Fantasy Literature
Ph.D. Central European University, Medieval Studies, Budapest; Diploma, Eötvös Loránd University, Aesthetics and Art History, Budapest

Professor Bokody completed a dissertation on the phenomenon of images-within-images in Italian painting (1278-1348). He is interested in the ways by which images can enchant their viewers (both in their 'original' historical context and in the reductive space of the museum). He also deals with the interaction of ethics and aesthetics.

He has conducted research on the history of fantasy literature and its relation to role-playing games. Peter was a visiting researcher at the Index of Christian Art in Princeton and at the Kunsthistorische Institut in Florence. He has been teaching at McDaniel College Budapest since 2007.

For information on any of these topics, please contact Professor Bokody.

Courses taught:
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Art of the Medieval World
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