McDaniel College Budapest 

Melinda Harlov
Areas of interest: Art, Communication, Heritage and Cultural Studies, Marketing and Public Relations
M.A. Central European University, Nationalism Studies, 2009; M.A. Deakin University, Australia, Cultural Heritage, 2008; M.A. Eötvös Loránd University, Hungarian Grammar and Literature and Teaching (at High School); B.A. Emerson College, USA Communication Studies, 2006.

Melinda Harlov has been researching in and working with Literature and Fine Arts for many years. Her key interest is communication through and with the above disciplines. Recently she has focused on the question of nation and national minorities in Art and Literature. Besides collecting knowledge from outstanding professors she has conducted research at many institutions and NGOs that hold the same aim. In her free time she visits various cultural events and museums inside and outside Hungary.

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Courses taught:
  • Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies – Correspondences in Art and Literature
  • Writing in Art and Art History
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