McDaniel College Budapest 

Administrative Directory
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László V. Frenyó Dean of the Faculty of the Budapest campus, DVM., Szent – István University, Budapest, Ph.D., Hungarian Academy of Science. (2000)
Gábor Zoltán Drexler Director of Administrative Affairs, M.A., Eötvös Loránd University of Liberal Arts and Sciences; M.A., School of Political Science, Budapest. (1994)
Matthew Adamson Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. (2006)

Dean of the Faculty Dr. László Frenyó (36-1) 413-3024
Director of Administrative Affairs Dr. Gábor Drexler (36-1) 413-3028
Director of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Matthew Adamson (36-1) 413-3026
Personal Assistant to the Dean Bernadett Solti (36-1) 413-3025
Assistant Director of Student Affairs Adriána Márton (36-1) 413-3025
Financial Office Ildikó Ördögh (36-1) 413-3012
Bookstore Enikö Szabó (36-1) 413-3034
Copying Ádám Fábri (36-1) 413-3043
System Administrator Géza Nagy (36-1) 413-3040