McDaniel College Budapest 

Budapest Campus
The Budapest campus is situated in a beautifully restored school building originally constructed in 1896. The building sits on a tree-shaded square across from the Veterinary College of Saint Istvan University. While the outside of the building speaks of Old World charm, the inside contains a college that most assuredly belongs to the 21st century. Several computer labs, a library, bookstore, a cafeteria, a Students' Club room, and gym facilities are available for student use. Located in the VII district of Budapest, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation, so commuting is easy no matter where a student lives in the city.

The academic program at the Budapest campus offers nine majors in five fields of study and maintains the same academic standards, requirements, and regulations as at the home institution in Maryland. The Budapest curriculum, however, also enables students to improve their proficiency in English and Mathematics in the first year while taking regular courses and earning credits.

McDaniel students come from many different countries, but they have one thing in common –opportunities for a rich life outside the classroom and they quickly come to realize that the entire city of Budapest is a potential campus. Various cultural events, cinemas, theatres offering plays in English, international festivals, sport events, and lively nightspots, all at reasonable prices, make the city attractive for students' interests and budgets. In addition, during the academic year many extra-curricular activities are organized by the College such as day trips, hiking in the Buda hills, visits to museums, guest lectures, and parties.

Budapest, Downtown
The Budapest Campus is located on the Pest side of the river
The Campus area
The Budapest Campus is located close to the Eastern Railway Station