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Arrival in Budapest by Air
The Budapest International Airport (Ferihegy Airport) is located ca. 25 km from the center of Budapest. The flights of the regular airlines leave from Terminal 2. Some low-cost airlines depart from Terminal 1 (the old terminal). On arrival, make sure that you exchange as much money into Hungarian Forints (the national currency of Hungary) as will be sufficient for the first couple of days. The exchange rate fluctuates around HUF 200 to USD 1; HUF 270 to EUR 1 (February 2011).

Use the airport Minibus Service (Shuttle Service) to take you to your address in the city on arrival. It is much cheaper and safer than to take a taxi at the airport. Tickets can be purchased in the Arrival Hall at the Airport Minibus counter. They are open 24 hours throughout the week at the two terminals. The following tariffs are valid within Budapest: Full fare ticket one way: HUF 2990 (ca. USD 15 or EUR 11) to the city center and HUF 5000 (ca. USD 25 or EUR 19) to the suburban areas of Budapest.

Reservations can be made in person at the AirportShuttle-Minibus Desks or 24 hours before your flight departure via online reservation system, through travel agencies or by calling the Call Center by dialing the number (+36-1) 296-8555.

The online reservation can be made and the payment is done in a few seconds. If you've succeeded in paying with your credit card, you will be sent a Confirmation E-Mail and a text message (SMS) with your Reservation Code and Invoice in it. With the Reservation Code the passenger is authorized to register at the AirportShuttle-Minibus Desk at a separate e-Ticket Lane with no queue.


Telephone (24 hours a day) (+36-1) 296 8555
Fax: (+36-1) 296 8993
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