McDaniel College Budapest 

About Budapest
Students who attend McDaniel College Budapest quickly come to realize that the college is not just located in Budapest, but that the entire city is their potential campus. Budapest has been called "the little Paris on the Danube", and it's with good reason. The majestic Danube River divides the city into its Buda and Pest sides, and views from either embankment are breathtaking. For example, the Gothic style Parliament building graces the Pest side while high on Castle Hill the Royal Palace crowns the hilly Buda side.

Like any major city, Budapest has world-class museums whose holdings range from fine art to the archeological finds of the Roman-era city of Aquincum just outside of Budapest. We all know that music is an international language, and Budapest has many music and dance clubs, classical concerts, and ballet performances that "speak" to students' interests. In fact, students have been known to attend a performance at the beautiful Opera House just out of curiosity, and then have gone back because they realized they liked opera!

Outdoor enthusiasts also find their place in this city of 2 million inhabitants-on jogging trials, swimming pools, and tennis courts in the city parks, like Margaret Island a green sanctuary from city noise and traffic and floating in the middle of the Danube. Not too far away is Városliget (City Park), which also has its water attraction, but in the form of the largest outdoor ice skating rink in Central Europe.

With so much to offer them, students eagerly adapt to the European urban lifestyle, finding it is easy to become familiar with the city and to quickly feel at home "on campus".