McDaniel College Budapest 

Learning outside
As the follow articles point out, McDaniel students have had an active semester learning outside, as well as inside, the classroom.

Students learn about women' s lives across the globe

McDaniel Budapest students extended their studies into the world outside of the classroom recently by attending a day-long international conference, "The Changing Role of Women in a Changing World." ť Full story

Student-led Open Forum: My Life in Cameroon

Krisztina Kovalcsik, a Hungarian student in her senior year, led the semester' s first Open Forum by recounting her life-changing experience volunteering with children this past summer in Cameroon—and what the experience means for her future. ť Full story

Study Abroad students return home, but leave their mark in Budapest

The 24 Study Abroad students from the main campus are not only packing suitcases while studying for final exams, but they are collecting donations for gift baskets for Budapest' s homeless. ť Full story

McDaniel students have had an active semester learning outside