McDaniel College Budapest 

The academic programs, the major requirements and the course structure are based on the standards, requirements, regulations, and grading system of McDaniel College. The permanent academic records of the students are kept by the Registrar's Office on the main campus, and students receive credits from McDaniel College.

The academic year consists of two semesters (Fall Semester from the beginning of September to the middle of December; Spring Semester from the last week of January to the middle of May) and an optional January Term. The average workload is to carry four courses in one semester and to earn sixteen credits.

It normally takes four academic years (eight semesters) to satisfy all requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree. The home campus of McDaniel College in the United States offers a wide range of academic programs: 45 majors, 32 dual majors and 54 minors. In addition to the major fields of study available at Budapest Campus, McDaniel Budapest students transferring to the main campus have the option to graduate with other majors as well.

Students of the Budapest Campus are encouraged to complete at least one study-abroad semester during their studies at the main campus of the college in Westminster, Maryland, or to transfer for the upper two years leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Degree students of the Budapest Campus are entitled to a considerable discount from the tuition fee in the United States and can study at the main campus on favorable financial terms.

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