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PSI 3333
PSI 3333 - Conflict Resolution, Peacemaking, and Peacekeeping in Post-Cold War World

Credits: 4

This course is designed to expose students to the multifaceted nature of conflict on the inter and intra state levels, historically, and in the current post Cold War period. This objective will be achieved by exploring the sources, causes, environmental impact, and determinants of conflict, presenting the various perspectives on the genesis and the amelioration of conflict, and utilizing some case method analysis to demonstrate the life cycles of some specific conflicts and the management or resolution thereof. The cases vary each semester but have included the following: The Middle East Conflict, the Anglo-Irish Conflict, the Gulf War (and now the second war against Iraq), the war on terrorism, and the conflict in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The course also covers the spread of radical fundamentalist Islam as a source of conflict in the Post Cold War World and specifically with regard to the "War on Terror."

International Nonwestern.

PSI 3333