McDaniel College Budapest 

Undergraduate Majors & Minors
Students admitted to McDaniel College Budapest can choose from the following major fields of study:

Art History
Studio Art
Business Administration
Political Science and International Studies.

Each major offers a basic program, involving up to 52 credit hours of required coursework (thirteen four-credit courses) within the chosen field of study and sometimes from supplementary disciplines. Often, students with a traditional major will also choose one or more minors in other areas of study, either to complement the major or for personal enrichment. The minimal requirement for a minor is completion of at least 24 credit hours (six courses) in the given field.

The dual major is a popular choice among students. Though it offers less depth in a single area, it provides a broader perspective by combining the requirements of two majors. A student may choose a dual major in

Business Administration & Economics
Political Science & Economics
Political Science & History

The double major is an option for the most ambitious students who want to graduate with two complete major programs to broaden their preparation for future careers.

All courses listed on the curriculum represent four credits, unless otherwise indicated. One credits hour equals 15 hours of classroom instruction in a semester consisting of 15 weeks, in other words, a four-credit course will involve at least 60 hours of classroom instruction.