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Study Abroad
If you are applying for a Study Abroad Semester in Budapest from the U.S.A., please contact Ms Rose Falkner, Study Abroad Director.

Study Abroad (McDaniel ESAC)
McDaniel College European Study Abroad Center (ESAC)
Budapest, Hungary

Studying abroad is more and more an essential part of any undergraduate program during the era of globalization. It offers the best opportunity to develop an appreciation for other countries and for multicultural values while preparing for the challenges and opportunities of our global society. During the semester abroad, students are not only involved in academic issues, but they also go through the experiential learning of living in a foreign culture.

The McDaniel College European Program was established in 1994. Its legal status is an "additional location" of the home campus in Westminster, Maryland. It is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and the language of instruction is English. The academic, major and degree requirements are identical with those of the main campus.

The program is constantly growing, especially in the field of Basic Liberal Arts, and presently offers over 45 courses. An international faculty of high reputation guarantees the quality of education according to the standards of the main campus.

A multi-ethnic student body, arriving from over 20 countries - including US students from Westminster, MD and from other US colleges for a study abroad semester - creates a lively multi-cultural environment. Both the academic preparedness as well as the conditions of infrastructure allows the McDaniel College European Program to open the gate to undergraduates from all over the US seeking to study abroad.

Beyond the great variety of courses in liberal arts, McDaniel ESAC also offers courses in majors such as Art History, Studio Art, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Communication.

A special "tailor made" program, called Budapest Semester in History (BSH) is also available for undergraduate and graduate students.

A great variety of cultural activities and travel opportunities make the semester a very special one.

Students are considered international students while studying at McDaniel ESAC, and they must be enrolled as full-time students (carrying at least twelve semester credit-hours) according to immigration law. Transcripts are issued by McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland.

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