McDaniel College Budapest 

Map of Hungary
Day 1

Accomodation: Hotel Pátria*** 7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 3. Tel.: 72 889-500, Fax: 72 889-506 Internet:

Pécs is a historic town at the foot of the Mecsek Mountains in Southern Transdanubia. The three-star Hotel Patria is located in the town centre. The historical monuments, museums and galleries are nearby. Most of the rooms have balconies decorated with Zsolnay ceramics. The balconies provide a panoramic view of Pécs.

After arriving in Pécs we are heading to the famous TV Tower (measuring 197 metres, with a publicly accessible observation deck at a height of 75 metres, and a restaurant at 72 metres)

TV Tower
TV Tower
Checking in to our rooms. Then meeting in the lobby soon after, and walking into the downtown of Pécs.

Turkish Minaret from outside, Cathedral, walk towards the "Museum Street" (Káptalan utca), Zsolnay Museum, Modern Art Museum, Erzsébet Schaár Museum, centre of the City (Széchenyi Square), Kiraly utca, the theatre, old city centre.

Meeting in the lobby for dinner. Your dinner is paid for by the College, you only have to cover on your drinks. Free time in the evening. (Minaret Étterem 7621 Pécs, Ferencesek u. 35.

Pécs center
Main square, Pécs
Day 2

After breakfast leaving for downtown Pécs.

Visiting the Old Christian Crypts and the Csontváry Museum. Turkish Mosque, interior.

Leaving for Budapest by bus