McDaniel College Budapest 

Our trip to Prague and Vienna will start with an exciting railroad trip as we will travel in a sleeping car during the night. The ride takes about 8 hours and two border crossings (to Slovakia and then to the Czech Republic), so it will be a bit hectic.

In Prague

Arriving in Prague, we will check in to our hotel, usually an old dwelling house restored and rebuilt as a hotel, like the Hotel Amadeus below.

After breakfast we shall start to explore the magnificent city. There are 3 parts of Old Prague we must explore: Staro Mesto (Old Town), Mala Strana ("Small World" at the foot of the Castle Hill) and Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle).

Staro Mesto

astronomical clock
Town Hall

In this area we will see:
  • On the Old Town Square (Staromest Namesty) the medieval Town Hall with its astronomical clock and the Gothic Tyn Cathedral
  • The old Jewish Quarter with medieval synagogues and a cemetery
  • Charles University, established in the 14th century just like the universities in Vienna and Pécs, Hungary.
  • The gothic Charles Bridge (14th century) connecting the Old Town with the Small World and the Castle
  • Mala Strana needs to be highlighted and underlined as a heading as above (like Staro Mesto)
In this area we will see:
  • The Main Square (Malostransky Namesty)
  • The brewery at St. Thomas (U Svety Tomasu)
  • Hradzin - The Castle (needs to be highlighted and underlined as a heading as above)
  • The castle is a historic site and the seat of the Czech president.
Here we will see:
  • Belvedere - The Renaissance Summer Palace (16th c.) and the Ball Hall
  • St. Vytus Cathedral
  • The Medieval Palace
  • The Romanesque St. George's Basilica
  • The Golden Lane (an old street of goldsmiths)
The Art Nouveau style or as we call it in the heart of Europe the Secessionism will also be a key issue of our trip. The first signs of this turn of the 19th-20th century style we will find here, like the Municipal House and Smetana Hall.

During the 2 days visit we will stop in at several traditional Czech restaurants and breweries to eat, and to drink the famous Czech beer, and to taste the special herb liqueur, the Becherovka. You can join us for an evening at a Jazz Club, as well.

In Vienna
  • On the third morning we will drive to the station and take a Eurocity Train to Vienna. This ride takes about 5 hours, so we'll arrive in the early afternoon. We will stay either in another traditional hotel near downtown Vienna, like the Carlton Opera, or at a modern and elegant hotel near the main shopping street (Kartnerstrasse), like the IBIS Vienna.
After settling in we will visit one of the outstanding monuments of Vienna, the palace of Prince Eugene SAVOY, the BELVEDERE.

And during the next two days we will visit

Downtown Vienna
Downtown Vienna:
  • St.Stephan's Cathedral
  • The Jesuit Church with the famous illusionist ceiling paintings by Italian Baroque master Andrea Pozzo
  • the Kapuziner Kript, the burial place of all the Habsburgs.
  • HOFBURG, the main palace of the Habsburgs, today the seat of the Austrian President.
Opposite the palace, across the famous Ringstrasse (the Ring of Vienna built over the Medieval City walls) there are two museums: the Natural History Museum and the

Kunsthistorisches Museum (the Art History Museum), one of the richest royal collections in the world.

At the Picture Gallery we will see paintings by among others
  • Raffaello, Tiziano
  • Giorgione, Tintoretto
In addition we will see the unbelievable collection of paintings by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, e.g.

Autumn (The Return of the Shepherds) Winter (The Return of the Hunters)

Peasant Wedding Peasant Dance

Among several other outstanding artists (such as Dürer, Rubens, and Velazquez, etc.) finally we will view the works of one of the giants of painting, Rembrandt, in several portraits and self-portraits.

As mentioned, the museum is on the Ring street of Vienna. Other famous 19th c. buildings on the Ring we will visit are:
  • the Opera House
  • the Austrian Parliament
  • the City Hall of Vienna
  • and the Burgtheater (the Palace Theater)
  • Within the city we will also visit the Baroque Karlskirche (St. Charles Borrome Church)
  • the Karlsplatz Subway Station
  • The Secession Pavilion
For the last stop of our tour we will take the Vienna subway and visit the summer palace of the Habsburgs, SCHÖNBRUNN

Finally, we will take our Eurocity train from Vienna to Budapest (the ride takes a bit more than 2 hours) and we' ll be back home on the evening of the 5th day of the tour.