McDaniel College Budapest 

Student Opinions
There is no better recommendation, we feel, than from students who have participated in our Study Abroad Program, so here are some of their comments.

"I think being able to travel has been a big advantage of living in Budapest. Being able to go to a different country every weekend has been a phenomenal experience."
Danielle Rowlett

"I was a little worried about coming over here because I am a bio/bio-chem. major, but it worked out really well because the dean of the college is also department chair at the veterinary college across the street and we were able to get a lab position and do some research."
Maciej Gajec

"Since I've come over here I've changed from the viewpoint of being more independent by living in a big city which I'm not used to. I've had to navigate; I can get around and I feel a lot more self-confident."
Chris Hackle

"Hungary is the very center of Europe and we're exposed to many other cultures, especially at college. We're in classes with students from all over the world. I really love it; it's helped me learn a lot about myself, about other people. I've made so many friends from other countries."
Beth Harper

"I have a couple of friends who've been here and they convinced me to come because they absolutely loved it."
Monica Davis

"Art history class has been really fun. We've seen the things we've studied in Rome and Florence!"
Anna Woods

"It's a great experience especially living in a culture that was formerly Communist. It gives a broad perspective on world cultures."
Bryan Buckingham

"My mother was worried at first about me coming here, but I can tell my worried mother that this is an experience that has definitely changed my life."
Johanna Hooban

"I have enjoyed my stay here a lot. I've met so many new people and I've been able to look at my own culture and realize it's not the only one."
Kelly Roth

"I would recommend [the program] because it gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and to see things you wouldn't see in any city in the US."
Kira Mills

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