McDaniel College Budapest 

Learning about Europe
From October 16 to October 20, McDaniel College students journeyed by bus to two of the world' s great cities: Venice and Vienna.

San Marco Square, Venice
San Marco Square, Venice
A typical Venetian canal
A typical Venetian canal
In Venice, art was on the menu, from the Renaissance masters in the Academia, to notable artists of the 20th century in the Guggenheim collection. And McDaniel students found that Venice itself to be a work of art, a place to take in without worry about being lost.

Professor Gabriella Szigethy leads students through the courtyard at the Schönbrunn Palace
Courtyard of the Schönbrunn Palace
Vienna, albeit colder, gave all an opportunity to see the splendor of the capital of the Habsburg Empire. The group not only visited Schrönbrunn Palace, but also walked the streets of central Vienna, where fin-de-sicle Viennese architecture mingles with classic buildings of earlier periods.

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