McDaniel College Budapest 

Börzsöny Hike 2010
Hike in the Börzsöny region of Hungary

There will be a hike this Sunday, October 31 in the beautiful Börzsöny region north of Budapest. It will begin in the town of Kismaros, and finish in the town of Zebegény. We expect to return in the late afternoon.

the Börzsöny region of Hungary
Meeting time and place: Sunday, October 31, 8:45, Nyugati Pályaudvar (Western Train Station) before the clock and next to the main board in front of the central platform—immediately after you enter the train station from the street. From there we will proceed to another part of the station, where the train departs at 9:07 (it arrives at Kismaros at 9:43). If you have not bought your ticket beforehand, then you are advised to arrive earlier in order to do so (Budapest to Kismaros). We must walk over to the correct platform and cannot wait for someone who arrives at the last minute. The return ticket can be bought either in Zebegény or, if need be, on the train itself. The price to Kismaros is 915 HUF, and the return trip from Zebegény is 1100 HUF. Bring your student ID for a reduced price.

The Hungarian national weather service forecast is for partly cloudy skies, and a high temperature of 13 degrees (55 degrees Fahrenheit). No doubt it will be cooler, as well as windy, when we reach the overlook above the Danube.

We will be eating lunch during the hike.

There is always a chance—albeit slim—that the weather forecast will change for the worst, and the hike will have to be postponed. Please email Professor Adamson if you would like to be included on the hike email list, in order to receive any updates concerning postponement if indeed this turns out to be the case. If you are on the list, and you do not receive a message, then the hike is on as planned.

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