McDaniel College Budapest 

McDaniel Prize 2011
McDaniel Prize for Scholarship and Writing, 2011

The fourth edition of the McDaniel Prize for Scholarship and Writing is here. Students are encouraged to leaf through their past research papers, or consider the ones they are currently writing, and submit one for the McDaniel Prize. The winner receives the chance to publish as well as dinner at the famous Rosenstein Restaurant.

The past winners are:
  • 2008
    Jenai Towuru
    Was the 2008 Election a Realigning Election?
  • 2009
    Nadia Artiomenco
    Chinese-American Immigration, The Symbolism of the Statue of Liberty, and the Notion of the "Back Door" in Gish Jen' s Typical American.
  • 2010
    Joăo Salviano Carmo
    One Out of Many: Memory and the Holocaust
Important dates:
  • Friday, April 29, Noon Deadline for submissions
  • Wednesday, May 4 Announcement of three finalists
  • Wednesday, May 11 McDaniel Prize Open Forum—oral presentation round
Criteria for submissions
  • Non-fiction essays, analyses, and research papers
  • 2,500 to 3,000 words
  • Citations according to prize rules (*Chicago Style footnotes, please.)
  • Paper must have been written while studying on the Budapest campus; study abroad students are encouraged to submit papers, as long as those papers reflect work done in Budapest.
  • No paper can be submitted twice
  • One submission per person
Criteria for evaluation
  • Development of ideas
  • Clarity of language
  • Depth of analysis
  • Coherence of arguments and proper use and citation of supporting evidence
  • Originality
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