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Buda Hills Hike 2011
Hike in the Buda Hills, west of the city

Hike in the Buda Hills, west of the city
Hike in the Buda Hills
There will be a hike this Saturday, November 19, in the Buda Hills, led by Professors Viczian and Adamson. The hike will begin on the edge of the village of Telki, wind its way along the tops of several scenic hills west of the city of Budapest, including Nagy-kopasz Hill (famous for its lookout tower, which we will climb), and wind up at Adyliget. From there, by bus and tram, we will return to Budapest. We expect to return in the mid to late afternoon.

Meeting time and place: Saturday, November, 9:00, Széll Kálmán tér (formerly Moszkva tér) at the top of the escalators. From there we will proceed to the nearby Széna tér, where we will board a bus that takes us to Telki. We must walk over to the bus stop promptly and cannot wait for someone who arrives late. Bring your student ID for a reduced price on the bus ticket.

The Hungarian national weather service forecast is for partly cloudy skies, and a high temperature of 5 degrees (41 degrees Fahrenheit). Especially given that certain sections of the hike could be windy, please dress appropriately, with gloves, a hat, and warm clothes. Also, please wear appropriate footwear—athletic shoes or hiking boots, and not street shoes.

We will be eating lunch during the hike, so please pack a sandwich.

There is always a chance—albeit slim—that the weather forecast will change for the worst, and the hike will have to be postponed. Please email Professor Adamson if you would like to be included on the hike email list, in order to receive any updates concerning postponement if indeed this turns out to be the case. If you are on the list, and you do not receive a message, then the hike is on as planned.

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