McDaniel College Budapest 

Health and well-being
Note: Levente Somogyi' s counseling sessions are now being held Wednesdays, 10:00pm to 1:00pm, in Room 214.

McDaniel College believes that a student' s academic life can only be full and rewarding if attention is give to a student' s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The College looks to provide opportunities to exercise one' s mind and body, and to cope with the stresses that are typical in a big-city, college environment.

Adjusting to the demands of academic life and a new urban environment can be stressful. Talking with a professional counselor can help you find ways to manage academic pressures, personal problems, and cultural adjustments. The College provides a counselor, Mr. Levente Somogyi, who is available on campus three hours a week (Wednesdays, 10am to 1pm, Room 214). Mr. Somogyi has experience in multiple countries working with college students of diverse backgrounds, and welcomes students who would like to discuss any of the issues mentioned above. Students can drop in or make an appointment. All meetings and appointments are strictly confidential.

Mr. Somogyi can be reached by email at

Just as English is an international language, soccer and basketball are international sports, and ones that have a big following among McDaniel Budapest students. Men and women's teams can be organized at the beginning of the school year and students play both indoors and out. The Veterinary College of the university across the square provides gym space for both sports. At the moment, the gymnasium is open for football on Fridays, 16:00 to 18:00.

Students interested in other sports use the many facilities available in Budapest's parks. These include ice skating in Varosliget (City Park) on the largest outdoor ice skating rink in Central Europe, and excellent swimming, running, and tennis facilities on Margitsziget (Margaret Island). In addition, there are several mini-marathons and competitive foot races organized in the city during the year.