McDaniel College Budapest 

Graduation ceremony
The graduates' future plans include further studies and entering the work world. Hungarian graduate Julia Fila plans to study Fashion Management in Milan, Kelie Xie, from China, plans to start his own business, while Mo Bai, also from China, looks forward to working as an illustrator, and Andrea Mihok, a Hungarian student from Ukraine, will be starting graduate studies in marketing in the fall. Graduates looked back over their years on the Budapest campus with a mixture of appreciation and sadness at leaving. David Valker, a Hungarian student who was chosen by his fellow graduates to give the graduation address, said, "I have [had] great friendships here and I also learned a lot about how human relations work."

In addition to the full time Budapest students, this graduation was special in that three Study Abroad students from the main campus, Allison Hurney, Matt Lufkin, and Jamie Janowich, chose to spend their last semester in Budapest and thus, were among the students graduating. Each student had personal reasons for coming and, for example, Matt Lufkin felt that a semester in Budapest was the perfect way to cap off his college experience and that he is now ready to go out into the world and "change it for the better."

Congratulations to all the McDaniel College Budapest graduates as they work to attain their future goals: Mo Bai, Julia Fila, Hui Liu, Andrea Mihok, Elizabeth Oladipo, Ikechukwu Orji, Barbara Pataki, David Valker, and Kelie Xie.

Spring 2007 Graduates
Spring 2007 Graduates
Left to right: Mark Tauber, Cultural Attaché of the United States Embassy - Dr. Attila Horvath, Director of College International - Dean Frenyó, Dean of the Faculty - Dr. Gabor Drexler, Director of Administrative Affairs – Dr. Matthew Adamson, Director of Academic and Student Affairs
Dean Laszlo Frenyó addresses the graduates
David Valker delivered a commencement address to the College on behalf of his classmates
Dean Frenyo congratulates David Valker
David Valker