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Independent study opportunity
This semester, Professors Csilla Kőszeghy and Melinda Harlov will be leading a guided independent study concerning art, culture, and life in the city of Budapest. With the right motivation, any student can join.

Anyone interested in joining should stop by Room 221 on Friday, February 3, between 3 and 5pm, to consult with the professors.

Here is a full description of the course:

Graphic created by the professors
My Budapest
My Budapest – Independent Studies for a Cultural Event Project
(1-2 credits)

Instructors: Csilla Kőszeghy email
  Melinda Harlov email
In this course, we set out to explore some of the outstanding aspects of the vivid and complex city of Budapest in order to incorporate our personal experiences and emotions or even critiques and political views into one united project. The goal of the course is, at the end of the semester, to organize an exhibition with artistic and cultural programs, created by students, to be held at a local community center. This means not simply the creation of actual art pieces, but also the generation of a business plan and budget, as well as the marketing and publicizing steps necessary for a successful event. Completion of this course will lead not only to a deeper understanding of our current urban environment, but also to experience in the cultural field and an understanding of the thin margin between the "for profit" and "non-profit" businesses. In our work, the emphasis will be on creation and adaptation of the learnt theories and techniques with close/continuous assistance of the instructors.

We hope to take advantage of your creativity, various cultural and academic backgrounds, and invite you to add your own knowledge and tastes to enrich and make unique our final project. The content of our course is ever-changing, student-generated in every respect.

The course will consist of the following sections:
  • Getting to know Budapest as institutions and as we define it.
  • Plan and create exhibits (both classical art pieces and modern representations /might include texts, videos, webpage, business installations etc./)
  • Formulate, do research about and realize business and communication tools (such as business plans, PR/Marketing steps) for the event.
Students choose which section or sections in joined projects they want to fulfil during the semester based on their personal academic background and interest.

  • Identification and basic knowledge of the selected area
  • Reading of shorter, research-related texts connected to the individual tasks assigned by the instructor
  • Writing shorter assignments in preparation for the final project (such as drafts, memos, summaries etc) as well as oral presentations of them informally
  • Midterm – portfolio-like written and oral presentation of the status of the project/work
  • Final – the cultural event and an oral summary of the experiences throughout the semester
Course evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
Preparation – Participation 40%
Short assignments 10%
Midterm paper 15%
Final exam 35%
Attendance is mandatory - more than 2 absences will result in grade reduction, more than 4 in failing the class. We would appreciate being sent a notice about any absences in advance by email.

Students from all majors are invited to attend the first meeting and find their role in this project.

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