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Call for Papers
McDaniel College Budapest, in collaboration with Migrants Help Association, is pleased to announce a call for papers for forum to be organized on November 21, 2014, entitled. Inclusion, Mobility, and Cultural Encounters. The event will consist of presentations of research related to the topics involved, and of workshops organized by NGO representatives and others active in the human rights field. The aim of the forum is three-fold:
  • to give university undergraduates and young activists a chance to present their research and voice their informed concerns in topics related to human rights;
  • to spread information inside and outside the Visegrad region about these issues and related research in order to expose the global dimensions of the problems explored;
  • to create a platform for NGOs in the Visegrad area to meet, exchange views, and coordinate activities, thereby enhancing their efforts and improving their outcomes.
Papers and workshops in the following areas are encouraged:
Human Rights and Inclusion – We invite proposals examining the various challenges to social and political inclusion of marginalized members of societies and how culturally sensitive human rights approaches might provide a helpful framework towards greater inclusion in the EU and elsewhere.
  • Factors that Facilitate or Hinder Political Participation and Agency
  • Economic Costs and Contributions of Migrant Populations
  • Intercultural Education and Unlearning Prejudices
  • Homelessness and Homeless Rights
  • Education Rights & Opportunities in the EU and Elsewhere
Globalization and Human Mobility – We are in the age of a never before seen increase in human mobility, driven both by conflicts as well as the globalization of labor markets. This phenomenon carries promises and perils on individual, national and trans-national levels. We invite proposals examining some of the social costs and benefits of global and regional mobility.
  • Refugees and Integration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Labor Migration and the Family (increasing feminization of migration, challenges to traditional notions of family-life in the face of separation due to economic drivers, migrant domestic workers rights)
  • Children as Migrants
  • Current Status of Immigration Policy and Public Opinion in Europe
Multiculturalism and Communication – With the above-mentioned increase in mobility, and globalization of the labor market, comes an increase in encounters between cultures, and questions about cultural identity. We invite proposals examining manifestations of this increase, and analyzing its impact in different fields of work and expression.
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Multi- and Cross-culturalism in Literature, Art, Music, & Film
  • Historical Perspectives on Cultural Exchange and Confrontation
  • Multiculturalism and the Digital Age
Participants are encouraged to propose ideas for other workshops or paper sessions.

Paper sessions will last 90 minutes. Presentations of the papers should last twenty minutes, to permit time for questions and answers. Powerpoint or other multi-media support for papers is encouraged, and the necessary equipment will be available. Abstracts should be 250 to 300 words.

Forum Events
Besides sessions devoted to the papers accepted for the forum, we plan to have a number of other sessions and events:
  • a discussion with high school students about learning about the Holocaust in different cultural settings
  • a workshop on unlearning prejudices
  • a conversation with experts on EU immigration policy
  • a reception and international open-mic night
  • Deadline for proposals for papers: September 24, 2014
  • Deadline for alerting participants: October 1, 2014
  • Date of forum: November 21
All questions or submissions should be sent to:

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