McDaniel College Budapest 

Seeing the City
Seeing the City: the Eastern European Urban Experience

with Professor Gábor Molnár

Course description: This course will focus on how Western literature represents the unfamiliar experience of Eastern Europe, particularly (but not exclusively) Hungary.

The genres examined in the course include travel writing, fiction and any mixture of the two. Starting from controversial early Western travelogues such as Captain John Smith' s accounts of his journey to the Ottoman Empire through the hilarious fictional accounts of Baron Munchausen, we will the progress to twentieth-century literature, and examine the close textual relationship between works of Italian, German, English-American and Hungarian literature.

Course runs from January 6 to January 23 (Classroom work and site visits in Budapest and Bratislava from January 6 to January 17.)

Sign-up sheet in the Secretariat (Room 222). Sign-up deadline, Friday, November 8.

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