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Check out these McDaniel Budapest websites

My Budapest: Professors Melinda Harlov and Csilla Kőszeghy led a group of art and communication students to explore Budapest and themselves in an interactive exhibit.

Art at McDaniel Budapest: Students of the Budapest campus's Art program created this page featuring their exhibitions.

Budapest uncovered: Professor Robert Smyth's 2010 June term students studied tourism and travel writing and produced this great website for students and others new to the city.

Relax with a good book

A lending library with more than 60 second-hand books for McDaniel students to borrow is available in Room 226. The books have been favorites donated by McDaniel students, and the selection contains fantasy, detective, adventure, and historical fiction. There are also maps and travel guides. Students simply need to sign out a book and bring it back in the required time. Some of the titles include The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey, Gai-Jin by James Clavell, Budapest 1956 by Bob Dent, Teach Yourself Hungarian, and Britain by Lonely Planet.

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This photo gallery is a great way to share McDaniel College life with family and friends, or even just to spend a couple of minutes to keep up with college activities. Have fun! And share your photos with us as well!

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Check us out on YouTube!

McDaniel Budapest is now on YouTube, and you can see our films under McDaniel College Budapest or click on these links below. You can see scenes from study trips, a basketball match and a blues concert. Find yourself and your classmates on film!

Blues concert:

Basketball match:

Study trip, Lake Balaton:

Study trip, Prague:

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