McDaniel College Budapest 

Course Information
Spring Term 2011

The following courses have been cancelled:
  • COM 1110 Public Speaking
  • PSI 1101 Introduction to Political Science
The following courses will be launched in the 2nd week:
  • CCS 2203 Intro to Hungarian Culture
  • COM 1103 Intro to Communication II: The Media (first class on Wednesday February 9)
  • COM 4594 Senior Seminar
  • GSC 1110 History of Modern Science
  • HIS 2105 Holocaust and Memory
  • HUN 1101 Elementary Hungarian I
  • PHI 1113 Philosophy from Ancient Times to the Renaissance
MAT 1117 Calculus will have its first class on Wednesday February 2

All EPE courses start in the 2nd week. Venue is the campus of the Veterinary School across Bethlen G. Square (entrance from István u. No. 2)

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